How Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Can Improve Their Craft

Writers sometimes believe they know all there is to know about the craft of writing. On the contrary, once someone has decided to write a book, his or her learning process has only begun and there is always room for improvement. Tony N. Todaro, author, Executive Director of WC2 (West Coast Writers Conferences), and President of GLAWS (Greater Los Angeles Writers Society), explains the important role that reading plays in improving writing craft. “Immerse yourself in the genre,” says Todaro. There are things you can do in science fiction that you can’t do in fantasy, and vice-versa. The only way to learn those things is to read everything you can. Todaro recommends you read everything in your genre and then read outside of your comfort zone. Studying and practicing writing styles from genres other than your own will give you more tools and strengthen your writing. Todaro gives the examples of learning to write fight scenes by reading action-mystery novels, and learning to write poetically from certain horror novels. It’s simple: Prolific readers will become better writers. Listen to the clip below to learn what to read, what to avoid, and how to learn from it all!

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