How to Improve Your Writing

Writing doesn’t just happen. Honing your writing craft involves the hard work of learning writing skills and practicing them over and over again. Excellent writing involves a series of author choices designed to capture a reader’s attention and emotion. Learning and practicing these skills can take more time than actually writing a book. These skills can be as detailed as choosing the best word for a sentence or as broad as choosing a plot structure for a story. Traditional education can be helpful for authors, but it’s not necessary. Famous authors have a long history of failing or leaving school and then going on to become amazing writers. In the video below, our ALC experts share the best ways to enhance your writing craft on your own. These methods include reading accomplished authors consciously and examining the Amazon reviews of your favorite books. One of the first things you need to learn as a writer is what interests you as a reader. Our experts also talk about rereading your writing, structuring your work, creating characters, cultivating a ‘learning disposition’, becoming relevant, teaching, speaking, and building confidence as an author.

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