How Debut Authors Can Make a Name For Themselves

The secret to making a name for yourself as an author isn’t so surprising. Author and editor Elaine Ash says the key is to write a first paragraph that makes readers want more. Ash explains that by the end of the first paragraph, she knows if she wants to turn the page to keep reading or not. If the story has grabbed her, she will spread the word about that book. Ash advises authors to think about how their book can stand out from the crowd. What is different about it? Developing the material to be unique and compelling opens doors for authors.

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  • This really helps, it gives me even more incentive to express emotion in my writing and to pull the reader into my world.

  • Hi, I am a newbe non-fiction writer. My book is about a requirements specification for a Holodeck. This first covers a photonic processor at a concept level and then progresses on to a motherboard concept which is multi-core and multithreaded. Then I introduce an optical Risc-V instruction set and map hardware to software to make the ISA fit the hardware. Then the book introduces volumetrics and advances to the evolution to Holodeck Volumetrics and then the book ends by introducing static Holodecks, scrolling scene Holodecks and multi-user same complex Holodecks and last but not least networked multi-user Holodecks. This is all done to give the reader a proof of concept requirements specification for a modern Holodeck. This is my first book and hopefully will be live mid December 2019.