Goal Setting and Process

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  • Megan Campisi's Writing Routine

    Megan Campisi describes her day as a writer. She is the author of the “magnificent…complex, vivid” ( New York Journal of Books ) Sin Eater , and her latest novel, The...
    Megan Campisi
    • Megan Campisi
  • Maintain the Balance: How to Juggle Life, Friends, & Family While Pursuing Your Dream

    The author’s journey is a long and difficult path by itself; combine that with monitoring your health, putting food on the table, and maintaining relationships, it can...
    C.R. Rowenson
    • C.R. Rowenson
  • 888 Words a Day

    Vanessa Chan describes the custom she always utilized while writing her debut novel, The Storm We Made . Her debut novel is a national bestseller, Good Morning America...
    Vanessa Chan
    • Vanessa Chan
  • Armando Lucas Correa's Writing Routine

    From walking four miles to reading before writing, international bestselling author Armando Lucas Correa shares what constitutes his writing routine. Armando Lucas...
    Armando Lucas Correa
    • Armando Lucas Correa
  • Writer Crisis Hotline

    The Write Solutions for Authors You’ve started on your book a dozen times, but you still don’t have a draft you can publish. Your book is half-way completed, but...
    Cathy Fyock & Allie Pleiter
    • Cathy Fyock & Allie Pleiter