Goal Setting and Process

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  • Armando Lucas Correa's Writing Routine

    From walking four miles to reading before writing, international bestselling author Armando Lucas Correa shares what constitutes his writing routine. Armando Lucas...
    Armando Lucas Correa
    • Armando Lucas Correa
  • Writer Crisis Hotline

    The Write Solutions for Authors You’ve started on your book a dozen times, but you still don’t have a draft you can publish. Your book is half-way completed, but...
    Cathy Fyock & Allie Pleiter
    • Cathy Fyock & Allie Pleiter
  • The Power of Routine in the Writing Process

    The Helsinki Affair author Anna Pitoniak discusses building a routine into her creative writing process, and the importance of routine and discipline when writing a...
    Anna Pitoniak
    • Anna Pitoniak
  • Systems for Success: How to create your own personal writing system

    Kickstart the creative process each time you write! What's keeping you from your best writing? Habits? Limiting beliefs? Distractions? Jennifer Crosswhite, bestselling...
    Jennifer Crosswhite
    • Jennifer Crosswhite
  • Embrace the Suck: A Guide to Surviving the First Draft

    Having an idea for a story is the easy part. Writing the story down from start to finish is where many writers get frustrated and stuck, never finishing that first draft...
    C.R. Rowenson
    • C.R. Rowenson