Common Challenges First-Time Authors Face and Steps for Success

First-time authors have some unique challenges. They are just getting started in what is usually an unfamiliar world, learning new things, figuring out next steps, and trying to find time for writing, building their author platform, and marketing initiatives. Managing all of this can be very challenging, per Pete Nikolai, Director of Publishing Services at HarperCollins Christian Publishing.

The biggest challenge he sees first-time authors facing is getting that manuscript done and ready to publish. In his book, "7 Secrets for Writing Your Book", he steps authors through how to block off time for writing and reaching your goals.

The next biggest challenge Nikolai sees for new authors is obscurity. There are so many new books being released each year, how are you going to stand out from the crowd? He advises authors to think about your plan for creating awareness for your book and for building your author platform. These are things to consider while writing so that you are fully prepared to hit the ground running when your book is released.

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