Overcoming Obstacles and Gaining the Confidence to Write - video

As author and founder of the Singapore Writers' Group Alice Clark-Platts explains, many people have a book idea and aspire to write, but most don't ever sit down to get it done. Completing your manuscript is simple, she says - you just have to sit down and write. She's learned in her experience as a writing teacher that a blank page can be terrifying. So terrifying that people run away from it and let the fear and self-doubt keep them from writing. If you can get over that fear and just try you are one step closer to reaching your goal. Alice Clark-Platts recommends having a target word count in mind when you sit down to write and to avoid editing until you've reached that word count goal. Even if what you write isn't perfect, be confident in your ability to express yourself through writing - it's a gift that everyone should utilize.

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