How Writing Short Fiction Can Boost Creativity and Credentials

Writer’s block is a universally understood frustration in the writing community. What if there was a way, though, to turn this obstacle into an asset? Arthur Doweyko, award-winning author and scientist, discusses how he uses incidents of writer’s block to write short fiction and open the door to publishing opportunities. He enjoys writing short fiction in the midst of writer’s block because even though he can’t figure out where to go next with his longer project, he is still able to exercise his creative muscles. When he uses this strategy, he chooses a very specific type of story to write. Listen as he goes into detail about what genre of short fiction he explores and why. He also explains how short fiction can help authors, particularly new authors, build their credentials. The world of short fiction is constantly evolving and new opportunities are constantly being created. Publishing a short story may even land you an agent or a publisher!

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  • I like this video, I wish I listened to it before I started my journey. It is never too late, I guess opportunities are being discovered on every corner. Thank you for confirming what I initially thought but did not have someone to give their expert opinion.