The Importance of a Plan and Support System in Staying Motivated to Write

Authors live in their own minds. They construct worlds and ideas internally before letting their creativity into the world. This is why an internal barrier such as writer’s block can be so debilitating. When struggling to write, it can be useful to learn how other authors navigate writer’s block and create a writing process that avoids writer’s block entirely. Elle E. Ire, author and educator, explains how she uses her support system to defeat writer’s block and stay motivated.  She’s constantly reading and writing, which takes up quite a bit of her time. This immense time commitment requires that she have a plan in place that propels her forward until she finishes a book project. It’s a combination of her writing plan and her support system that have brought her through the multi-year journey toward being a published author. Listen to the clip below to learn how she beats the imposter syndrome and how that changes her writing process.

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