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Technology has revolutionized writing. But it can be overwhelming to identify the write technology for your purposes because today’s writers have multiple software tools to choose from. What software is available to today’s authors and what does each software tool bring to the table? Read on for a quick overview of popular writing software. As you do, use this pricing scale to understand the cost categories of each item below.

$< 50

Microsoft Office ($$$$)

This software bundle comes with several programs that are useful to authors. Word is the industry standard word processor for writers. It offers outlining tools, analysis tools and a stable platform to create books. Excel is another program in the bundle. This spreadsheet software is useful for plot and character analysis. OneNote, also in the bundle, is free-form information gathering software. It is useful to organize background information to support novel creation.

Scrivener ($)

This software developed for MAC users with a less viable version for PC users takes on the dual role of word processor and a project management tool . This software provides tools to help writers transform fledgling ideas into full-bodied final drafts.

Celtex (Free!)

This software is an online approach to story production. It offers powerful character and outlining tools and is simple to use. It’s popular for projects with multiple authors.

Dramatica Pro ($$$)

This story development software has a big learning curve and is not for beginning writers. This software bundles project management and story analysis into one.

Story Weaver ($)

This story development software features a bank of story cards to facilitate story creation. It offers basic support and is best suited for the developmental stage of fiction writing. 

Power Structure ($$$)

This story development software focuses on the structure of a story. It offers multiple graphic methods of looking at story to help create a well designed outline to facilitate novel writing. 

yWriter5 (Free!)

This is an alternative word processor for writers. It breaks novels and chapters into scenes and offers features like rolling back to scenes from a previous session or pulling up a scene version from months ago for review. 

Writer Blocks ($$$)

This creative outlining tool and word processor for writers helps generate non-linear outlines for novels. This software does not include story development tools. 

Dragon Naturally Speaking ($$$)

Some writers benefit from this hands free device that converts speech to text. It is often used by writers with physical limitations – carpal tunnel and back problems.

Technology is a great tool for any writer. Check out these options and pick the one that helps you to be more efficient and organized in your writing efforts.

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