Keep the Writing Flowing - video

Generating a fresh idea for a story isn't always easy. If you are stuck and need some inspiration, watch this short interview with national bestselling children’s author, R.L. Stine. He shares his expert tips on how to get an idea for a book. One way to think of a story idea is to recall something from the past and write it down. Another way to generate a book idea is from something you see or hear today. Stine shares an example of an exchange he witnessed between a child and mother, and how he was able to turn that experience into a great story.
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  • This has been a good day. I begin earlier today with a focus on the writing process and/or getting started. Yes, I have begin the process of writing my manuscript and now I need help in keeping the writing process going. There are distractions that come in all forms to get you off track.  R.L. talks about getting ideas from things you see and hear everyday.  He gives an example of a mother and child interacting and based on what the child says to mom he comes up with an idea for a book.  As a professional human services worker I am listening to people talk about their problems, concerns and issues everyday; also I am reading research journals everyday about things I am hearing and writing about. I think what keeps me going is I want to see something done about the problems people are experiencing. This, I am sure, hearing about problems and issues on a daily basis should keep the writing flowing.   

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