Keep the Writing Flowing - video

Generating a fresh idea for a story isn't always easy. If you are stuck and need some inspiration, watch this short interview with national bestselling children’s author, R.L. Stine. He shares his expert tips on how to get an idea for a book. One way to think of a story idea is to recall something from the past and write it down. Another way to generate a book idea is from something you see or hear today. Stine shares an example of an exchange he witnessed between a child and mother, and how he was able to turn that experience into a great story.
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  • Thanks for the advice I am writing a fiction about future events. The best way to for see the future look to the past, sometimes I find that the story is writing itself. However being a newbie I need the best guidance I can get. Thanks again

  • What great share! How wonderful it is to turn a short statement into a bone-chilling novel. I loved Goosebumps novels growing up, I've read tons of them. I am new to the publishing process, but I am really looking forward to it all. Stine has such a creative imagination. Love it!

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences. My greatest challenge is, not being able to direct my energy to complete my book. I only write when I'm inspired and most of those times, I find my self doing other important but conflicting activities. I guess I should give more priority to my writing project. Although I have made appreciable progress, I really do need some more push.

  • Thank you for your personal experience n inspiration.

  • Thanks for sharing this information provides insight; I'm writing a true story from a religious and inspirational perspective.