Keep the Writing Flowing - video

Generating a fresh idea for a story isn't always easy. If you are stuck and need some inspiration, watch this short interview with national bestselling children’s author, R.L. Stine. He shares his expert tips on how to get an idea for a book. One way to think of a story idea is to recall something from the past and write it down. Another way to generate a book idea is from something you see or hear today. Stine shares an example of an exchange he witnessed between a child and mother, and how he was able to turn that experience into a great story.
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  • Thank u for sharing this story 

  • This encourages me! Thank you so much!

  • I want to share stories that i have experienced in third world countries compare it to my live in the US. The people places and culture that goes back many generations. Generations of family members living together everyone one helps out.     On $200 a month salaries are you going to move out of the house and make it on your own? Kids play in the streets with marbles and shine shoes for pennies. People walk out of tin roofed huts looking like a million dollars. Dressed for success. Motor bike Taxi's with 100cc's  giving a family of 4 a ride. Cars converted to run on Propane Gas drive around with 30 gallon propane tanks in the trunk. Most of all the people there are happier the lights go out everyday for hours no one knows when they will comeback on and no one complains or becomes irate.   Young people taking care of their parents until they have passed away, If poverty that is their became the new norm for everyone living in the US how would the US Citizens act. The lights just went out and no one knows when they will be back on how many US citizens would care for a daily dose of this life? .

  • I've recently took the ancestry DNA test and found out that we Poles are decended from the Sarmatian knights and the Amazon women.   I've decided to write a book series about how the family first acquired the first horses and the journey of the tribe including the Amazon women who were actually Sarmatian daughters thru history and how they eventually made to settle in Poland.  It's kind of a cross of war horse and alpha the first domesticated dog.  But about the begining family of the Poles and Czechs. Up until the Poles arrived in Poland.  Book 1 is the first horse people and how the first family were the breeders for the tribe and the tribe shared with another tribe they considered thier cousins. Book 2 about the rise of the Amazons the women who kept the tribe alive while the men were forced to serve the Roman's calvary.  While waiting for them to return so they could marry.  Book 3 about how the Sarmatians who thier freedom from Rome and the journey to the Baltic and settling in Poland.  Poland knows about the blood tide of the Sarmatian but not the entire of thier fathers and mothers.