The Value of a Formal Education in Developing as a Writer

Most writers need to keep writing in order to grow and improve their craft. While writing workshops and writing groups can be a great way to interact with other writers and work on your skills, classes through an educational institution will teach you the tools and elements to fine tune your craft. Screenwriter, author, and MFA educator Michael Tabb strongly encourages writers to seek out programs through educational institutions. In his own experience, each program that he has participated in has provided different benefits and teachings. A key difference between informal and formal education, Tabb says, is the feedback you get from a formally trained teacher or professor that will guide you in the right direction.

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  • I'm 69 and finally wrote my first novel manuscript.  My writing classes were at the University of Arizona in Micro and English after the Army when I was 26 in 1976.  I'm writing again for the last 3 years because something like another type of work was not allowing me to put in the hours.  Now I am.  Shall I kill myself now or do I have a chance to succeed.  Screw it.  I will continue to believe in myself.  Do you have seminars on line.  I am retired and live in Mexico, so on line is the only realistic option.  Thanks,  Actually very helpful.

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    He seemed anxious . Made an ok argument for his subject matter.