Genres That Authors Struggle With Most Often - podcast

Many authors are drawn to memoir writing because it allows them to share the powerful moments of their life with others. But finding marketing or publishing success as a memoir writer can be difficult. Lucy Silag, community and engagement manager at Book Country, discusses how to write a memoir that sells. She addresses the challenges of writing memoir and how you can overcome these struggles. Silag says that many authors write memoir like a collection of family anecdotes, which is fine if you are writing for just your family. But if you want to publish a memoir for commercial success, you need to find a way to speak to a larger audience. Memoirs should read like a novel, including a plot, story arc, characters, and conclusion. This is can be challenging since you're writing nonfiction. Journaling and recording sensory detail can help you pick and choose scenes that fit into your story when writing your memoir. Reading many memoirs also helps you understand how a bestselling memoir is constructed.
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    • This is my first book, i have a great story to share with the world that's going to  change some negative thoughts sticking around your brain.
  • Thank you for the input. I am currently working on a memoir . I'm trying hard to add a lot of conversation in my book, a lot of detail .I understand this will take time. I'm working really hard on this . It's been my dream for years to write and book and I'm here now getting started. 

  • Thank you so much for your podcast. I just asked the question to the

    author's circle as to which genre is best. I'm also just starting my first outline and find I have way too much of What could be boring. I will start fixing that right away. I wrote a fiction short story (novela?) and really loved writing it. I just have to tighten up the ending, but my book is more important right now.

  • This helped a lot. I have read many memoirs and I'm writing mine keeping the reader in mind. It's in first person, but I'm leaving out the boring memories and keeping it more as a novel to keep the reader engaged. Glad to hear I'm doing the right thing! Thank you!