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  • An Essential New Guide for Teachers and Parents

    Filled with veteran elementary school teacher Phillip Done's wit, wisdom, and compassion, The Art of Teaching Children is the definitive guide to educating today's young...
    Phillip Done
    • Phillip Done
  • Where Does Our Desire to Strike It Rich Come From?

    Michael Mechanic, a senior editor at Mother Jones magazine, dives into the lives of the extremely rich, showing the fascinating, otherworldly realm they inhabit—and...
    Michael Mechanic
    • Michael Mechanic
  • Meet Elizabeth Nyamayaro

    Meet author Elizabeth Nyamayaro, who founded the global movement for gender equality HeForShe. Elizabeth Nyamayaro is an award-winning humanitarian and former United...
    Elizabeth Nyamayaro
    • Elizabeth Nyamayaro
  • What is a Story Scientist?

    Angus Fletcher, author of Wonderworks , discusses his unique career as a story scientist who analyzes the history of literature and storytelling, and their mental, emotional...
    Angus Fletcher
    • Angus Fletcher
  • Cathy Fyock on Her Contribution to the Nonfiction Anthology, Authority

    Book anthologies are compilations of stories or ideas where many authors contribute content based on a common theme. Book coach Cathy Fyock, along with 14 other authors...
    Cathy Fyock
    • Cathy Fyock