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  • Where Does Our Desire to Strike It Rich Come From?

    Michael Mechanic, a senior editor at Mother Jones magazine, dives into the lives of the extremely rich, showing the fascinating, otherworldly realm they inhabit—and...
    Michael Mechanic
    • Michael Mechanic
  • Meet Elizabeth Nyamayaro

    Meet author Elizabeth Nyamayaro, who founded the global movement for gender equality HeForShe. Elizabeth Nyamayaro is an award-winning humanitarian and former United...
    Elizabeth Nyamayaro
    • Elizabeth Nyamayaro
  • What is a Story Scientist?

    Angus Fletcher, author of Wonderworks , discusses his unique career as a story scientist who analyzes the history of literature and storytelling, and their mental, emotional...
    Angus Fletcher
    • Angus Fletcher
  • Cathy Fyock on Her Contribution to the Nonfiction Anthology, Authority

    Book anthologies are compilations of stories or ideas where many authors contribute content based on a common theme. Book coach Cathy Fyock, along with 14 other authors...
    Cathy Fyock
    • Cathy Fyock
  • Getting Started With Personal Narrative Essays

    For memoirists and other writers, personal narrative essays can be a great way to get your work published and your name out there, while also allowing you to fine-tune...
    Author Learning Center
    • Author Learning Center