How I Began My Writing Career - video

The late Stan Lee was the Hollywood legend who created Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, and X-Men. So, how did Stan Lee start his career? In this interview, Lee shares his personal story of how he grew up to become a writer. During the Great Depression, he worked various jobs to help earn an income for his family. One of his jobs was writing publicity for a hospital in Denver. In those days, he wasn't sure if writing was his passion. But then he accidentally fell into writing again through a job at a comic book company. Back then, there was no respect for comics. Nevertheless, after awhile he began to enjoy the job. Overtime people began to have more respect for comics as older, educated readers became fans.
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  • That was very inspiring. I myself, am also a writer. At the moment, i'm working on getting some of my material published. Although I am not a published author, I feel as if the content in my books are well worth calling myself an author. Is there any tips that you can give me to help me find the correct publishing house?