Advice for Building a Freelance Writing or Editing Business

If you are considering starting a freelance writing or editing business, professor, author, and freelancer Donna Arthur Downs recommends setting up an LLC. This allows you to track all of your business expenses which is important for tax reasons. She also advises freelancers to come up with a social media strategy to create awareness for your services. A solid plan will help save you time down the road so you have more time for your own writing and for helping others. Downs recommends using student interns if needed to help with your social media and online presence. You must have an online platform if want to be successful.
In addition, Downs says freelance writers can build their credibility by getting short works published.

The types of freelance services Downs offers include all types of writing and editing including everything from grant proposals to resumes. She likes to work on a variety of projects to help others get their writing out there.

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