Transitioning to Full Time Writer - video

Many part-time writers aspire to be full-time writers, but there are several factors that determine whether or not this career transition is possible. As author, communications coach, professor and former news reporter Steve Piacente knows, it's a rare commodity to be able to write full-time. Whether writing is a calling or a profession, most writers have to spend time on topics or stories that they aren't necessarily passionate about in order to make ends meet. Transitioning to writing full-time will likely mean having to sacrifice and compromise on other things.

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  • I agree that writing is a calling, and it is not one of those professions which one can depend on for making a sustainable living except you have been so established over the years, and have successfully have your book or books translated into other languages, or made into films, and you are sitting comfortable on the financial proceeds of such legacy. However there are writers who are far into their retirement and wish to pass on their life experience to others hoping that it will of some benefit mankind, if not all but some, even when it may be at their own expense, and if one can do that, I think  you would be a man.