The Benefits of Treating Writing as a Profession or Business

Being a writer is tough, especially when you are writing for more than just yourself. If you are writing with the hope of publishing and selling books to more than just your family, or, if you are freelance writing for clients, you must treat the process as a business says author, freelancer, and marketing expert Jason Schmetzer. The success of any business is based on several factors, but for writers, there a few key things that must be employed to ensure success. First and foremost, Schmetzer says, is to finish what you've started. This seems like a simple task but is much harder than most new writers know. And, if you are working as a freelancer writing for someone else, finish on point and meet your agreed upon deadline. Second, Schmetzer advises writers to remember that you have to put time and effort into finding readers - potential readers don't have to read your work, you have to make them want to read it. Finally, Schmetzer recommends being professional at all times, whether writing for yourself or for a client. Strive to create collaborative, respectful relationships no matter whom you are working with, because negativity and bad impressions will follow you.

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  • This is very helpful considering I want to be an author and share my works with the world and make a career out of it. Thank you for the video and I'll be sure to make deadlines for each chapter.