The Process of Working With a Ghostwriter

There are many reasons why someone might want to hire a ghostwriter. Maybe the story is too painful or difficult to write or he/she lacks confidence when it comes to writing. No matter the reason, ghostwriter and editor Sara Anne Fox follows the same process with all potential clients. First, Fox meets her potential clients, if possible, in person. This is an opportunity for her to get to know the individual and the project scope. It's also an opportunity for the potential client to get to know Fox, ask questions, and see her professionalism and approach first hand. Fox wears many hats when ghostwriting for a client including therapist, writer, and empath. The client ultimately owns the content, but Fox's priority is to get the best information from her client and give them the best product in return. If they agree on a business partnership, it's important that the client trusts Fox to be his or her advocate and to write in his or her voice. For more on what a ghostwriting partnership entails, see the clip below.

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