Screenwriting or Novels? Advice from Hollywood - video

The state of the screenwriting industry doesn't look so good to novelist and screenwriter Beth Albright. She shares advice from a Hollywood executive who recommends to her that she write books instead of screenplays. Listen in to hear the powerful reason why.
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  • Loved your aside regarding your desire to use your sensitivity in your writing. It's an essential element isn't it.

  • Beth, i like your work very much. i am also a writer is hard for me to get an agent. I completed two thriller/horror sequel films that i think you could be interested. i actually work myself of trying to get people to see my screenplay but I take really seriously myself. I like acting, so i like both but my work is very interested i wanna be in the movies because is my patient of doing both. i truly love to put my work on in a movie because it really help put me in the business and to help take care of my family.
  • This is truly helpful as I have been wondering for a long time as to whether I should work on script versions of my Christian novels. I was wondering if it would be a waste of time or what. Thank you very much, Beth Albright!
  • Darn good video. Advice I've heard/read several times before and sounds better every time I hear it, especially the part of owning your work.. Thank you Beth.
  • Thank you above all stay in control of your novel. Thank you.