The Importance of Non-Standard English - podcast

Author Constance Hale discusses the value of creative language patterns in life and in writing as she shares the similarities and differences in non-standard English patterns like those found in Hawaiian pigeon English and Creole English. Constance is a powerful advocate for accepting non-standard English as a valid and valuable language. If you think writing has to be grammatically perfect, Constance will challenge those notions and open your creative eyes to new possibilities.
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  • I have written a text in French, and so I want to make a translation of it in English.  It is a non-fiction theory of the voice hearing phenomenon.  It is complicated and I need to meet with someone able to translate the concepts used to formulate the theory.  Where can I find someone having an expertise in psychology and able to understand French.  If you have the answer to that question or a lead that could help me find out, please let me know.  Thanks.  GR

  • I can understand what you are saying, regarding speach in writing. But I think different nations will be reading your book if you are thinking to print it in different languages. That would be OK. Thank for your info. God bless.