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Many authors choose to blog as way to connect with readers. Blogging is a time intensive activity but there are various tools that will help an author streamline the blogging process and blog more effectively.

Planning tools

Blogs are publications. They need purpose and planning to be successful. Blogs with wandering content tend to turn off visitors. Planning will help transform visitors into future book buyers. Here is a tool to help:

WordPress Editorial Calendar

This calendar plug-in will help your organize content in a way that will bring readers and potential book buyers to your blog.

Social Media Management

Today’s blogger must port their content to a number of different platforms: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook. Many tools are out there to help bloggers simplify the process. Here are two that might fit your needs.


Hootsuite is a popular social media dashboard that can help bloggers organize and optimize posting times. It’s especially good for teams of bloggers.


Twitterfeed is a simple tool to help you feed information to all your networks and keep your readers in the know.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

There are many online tools available to the dedicated blogger. Here are three stand-outs:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This nifty tool will help you create SEO for your posts. This is as simple as entering your blog topic and pressing a search button; the tool will offer SEO keywords that will best support your blog. Well worth your time to make sure your post rises to the top.

Google Insight for Search

This tool also aids in SEO of your blog. This tool is easy to use and shows what people are actually searching for. It offers seasonal data and regional data to optimize your blog ratings.


This tool is fee based and aids in SEO of your blog. This site offers free guides to assist you in the basics of SEO and creative approaches to SEO.

Phone Apps

Almost every smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc.) has a number of apps to support bloggers. Here are two apps that will help you manage your blog by facilitating blogging from practically anywhere.


This app allows you to post, add pictures, keywords, whatever you need with ease from your phone.


Many have a busy life and don’t have the luxury to sit down with a cup of hot tea and classical music in background to write a blog. Check out this blogging tool for bloggers on the run.

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