Book Bloggers, Promote & Reviewing Your Work - video

Many people don't know that blogs are a cost-effective form of marketing and can be a great tool in any book publicity campaign. Literary Agent Pam van Hylckama Vlieg talks about what authors should look for in a book blogger when it comes to getting their books reviewed or promoted on blog websites. She recommends studying the blog traffic, comments, and how frequently the blogger posts on the website. She also advises authors to read the blog review policies and to send along a copy of their book.
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  • Thanks Pam. This was all new to me. Lots to digest.

  • Sorry, couldn't understand her because her voice trailed down and back up and down, and I still don't know what a Blogger really does other than read your book.
  • I didn't know that bloggers are a form of marketing. The insight was very enlightening and I wish I can get a few bloggers to review my book. I will definitely keep that in mind. Have you ever blogged about a poetry book before? I just published a book of poems titled "Social Climax" I think it is a great read. Instagram: Social_Climax
  • I am 65s and i just had my first book publish. My 7 year old grand daughter who is in first grand. Gave me the incentive to write this book. The name of the book is I WANT TO READ A BOOK.I think every child should read this book
  • I'm a "60s something" author for the first time with limited computer skills. How do I get on a blog and what is it? LOL My book is Autobiography of a Nobody by Sherrill Lynn Dix. Local sales are going well with great reviews, but I need better marketing skills. What should I do? HELP and thanks. Sherry Derrenberger