Advantages of Guest Blogging - video

Chuck Sambuchino, freelance editor and author of the "Guide to Literary Agents" Blog, discusses the advantages of guest blogging and explains why it is such a great opportunity for up-and-coming authors. He explains how guest blogging is a win-win situation, because guest bloggers get free promotion of their book on a large platform and the blogger gets free content. He also offers tips on how to find interested authors and how to implement a guest blogging effort.
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  • My blog

    has never had a guest blogger. Maybe getting a guest blogger could attract more attention to my platform. Great video!

  • This was news to me. I have never thought of guest blogging. Thanks! My newly released book is-The Book on Bullies: How to Handle Them Without Becoming One of Them. Should I be guest blogging on your site? Whole new world in cyber space and I am not familiar with how to navigate yet! Ha ha.Thanks again, Chuck, this was very interesting!