Three Tips for Increasing the Chances of Having a Bestselling Book on Amazon

Sara Stratton, owner of Redwood Publishing, has three tips for authors hoping to find success on Amazon:

  1. Set a launch date and stick to it. Don’t release early or late – you want your audience to get used to the launch date and be excited and prepared to purchase on that day.
  2. Push as many sales as you can in the first week, not just on the launch day. Amazon updates its reports every 24 hours, so you can easily top out on the e-book charts every 24 hours if you continue to bring a decent amount of traffic to your page.
  3. Obtain reviews. This can result in the book not only becoming a bestseller for day or a week, but over multiple months as well. Amazon favors books with more action over a longer period of time. Garnering reviews every week after your launch, as opposed to just the first few days, will benefit your book’s ranking.

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