James Breakwell on His Breakout Moment as a Comedy Writer

Author, comedy writer, and columnist James Breakwell started writing long before he became an internet sensation through his @XplodingUnicorn Twitter handle. In high school, he shared his humorous stories with classmates and then wrote for his college newspaper, testing out his comedic approach and style. Breakwell's first job working for a newspaper was short-lived, as he quickly discovered he disliked journalism and professional writing. He began blogging and building an audience through social media, sharing his upbeat, but pessimistic (and hilarious) views on parenting. As a father of four girls, Breakwell found that the stories and jokes he shared were very relatable, resulting in a loyal following. He quickly went viral when Buzzfeed, a global news source, did a feature article that shared links to his most popular posts. This was his breakout moment, landing him global media coverage, an agent, and a book deal, and he now has over one million followers on Twitter.

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    I loved this video. My journey has taken a much longer path. When I graduated from high school America was in a recession and I felt fortunate to have a job. Things just hadn't progressed to even think about having a computer in my home much less carry one around. Sometimes you roll with what feels right. So I received most of my career training right on the job in front of the typewriter