The Importance of Finding the Right Audience for Your Book to Build a Base of Superfans

The key to finding the right audience for your book is understanding your book's genre, as Author Marketing Experts CEO Penny Sansevieri explains. If you know your genre well and have a cover that resonates with the audience, you will likely find them organically. She recommends looking at books similar to yours to see where those authors have a presence and where their books are being promoted. Once you've identified your audience and how to reach them, you then have to shift gears and work on converting these potential readers into loyal followers, or as Sansevieri likes to call them, "superfans". She suggests building a solid fan base by going after a small, dedicated group of fans instead of going after everyone. Create a relationship with these followers through newsletters and exclusive events or giveaways. Superfans can be very beneficial when it comes to word of mouth and reviews.

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