Effective Ways to Build a Readership and Sell More Books

Arthur Doweyko, award-winning author and scientist, explains the difference between writing a book and actually selling a book. It can be hard for authors who have finally finished a manuscript to consider tackling a major marketing project. However, creating an author brand, building a platform, and developing a readership are vital steps for writers who want to become a successful author. Doweyko’s first tip: establish a website. This gives an author a platform that can point people toward buying books. It’s also a place where an author can publish content that will continually engage his or her readers. Doweyko also talks about ways that authors can develop support systems with other writers, important considerations for creating email lists, and getting book reviews on Amazon. He goes into great detail about these marketing initiatives, explaining the challenges of each. These tips are particularly helpful for new writers as they’re attempting to market their books for the first time. Listen to the clip below for advice on things as broad as the purpose of building an author network to things as specific as how often an author should email people and how many reviews a book needs on Amazon.

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