The Importance of Networking - video

Book marketing can be overwhelming. Tapping into other resources through networking can relieve some of the pressure. Bestselling author Mark Adler discusses the importance of networking for authors. He offers tips on how to prioritize and prepare for networking events. Stressing that face to face time is still important in the age of social media, Adler urges authors to think about how the audience will relate to your book through which ever platform you are communicating.
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  • Hey Mark, Thanks for sharing the Importance of Networking. It has been a challenge posting and updating information on social media. Facebook: Troy R Legette Instagram: Social_Climax
  • Excellent information Mark. We should always be ready to speak about your product. I concur about keeping the information we advertise FRESH!! Thank you.
  • Another aspect I need to consider as a first time author. thanks!
  • Though I sound like I am repeating myself in this edit of the conversation, these ARE the basics. Optimizing your website for example is valuable in getting the site on the first result page. Then networking FTF, and growing those relationships before asking for work. Its about consistently posting on social nets and keeping content freshy fresh.
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    Glad you liked this Katina!