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From a marketing perspective, publicity is difficult to understand. It can't be bought, it can't be controlled, and it is never guaranteed, but there's simply no better way to gain credibility and momentum for a cause. But be forewarned–embarking on a solid publicity campaign is not for the faint of heart. Prepare for all possible scenarios when dealing with the media.

It's All About You

While the goal is to sell your book, many producers want to know what's interesting about you. No one interviews a book. Position yourself as an expert and use your book as part of your credentials. For example, if your book is about a woman living with an abusive husband, use the research you've conducted for the book to prove your knowledge so you can discuss domestic abuse in interviews. Being an interesting subject leads readers/viewers to believe that your book will be interesting as well.

"Editors and producers want to catch readers and viewers, so you have to convince them your story can do that."

Make it Newsworthy

Be ready to adjust your publicity plan to keep up with news. If your book suddenly becomes timely, promote it more. Pay attention to stories in the news and issues at the forefront of people's minds, to find out if any major news links to your book somehow. Don't forget to pay attention to holidays or times when more gifts are purchased, to present your book as a gift idea. Remember, pitches about your book can be spun many ways to appeal to many audiences.

When writing press materials, use exciting headlines and an easy-to-follow flow. Journalists receive many press releases every day. Yours must be eye-catching and well-written in order to get the editor's second glance. Your interview release should highlight things that you can discuss that will keep viewers engaged. Editors and producers want to catch readers and viewers, so you have to convince them your story can do that.

"Remember, any press, no matter how small, is excellent."

Get Your Foot in the Door

While you dream of the day you appear on Oprah, continue to leverage easily accessible local media outlets for a jump-start to your promotional efforts. Remember, any press, no matter how small, is excellent. When the words "As seen on ..." can appear next to your name, you appear to be a more seasoned interviewee and will be more attractive to other producers and editors. Op-ed pieces, local radio shows, and blogs are excellent places to get a solid start.

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