Publicity Campaigns

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  • BIY: How to Build a Successful Post-Launch Marketing Plan

    You've launched your book with a bang, now what? Is it better to go off the radar until you have a new novel to brag about, or to keep engaging with your audience...
    A.G. Billig
    • A.G. Billig
  • 3 Key Marketing Initiatives to Increase Book Sales

    Lawrence Knorr, author and founder of Sunbury Press, explains which marketing initiatives are actually effective. Media publicity is a part of any plan but it’s not...
    Lawrence Knorr
    • Lawrence Knorr
  • Getting Started with PR - article

    How do you make the public aware of your book? This is where public relations come into play. Public relations or PR is a process to create goodwill between an author...
    Molly Blaisdell
    • Molly Blaisdell
  • How Do I Distribute a Press Release? - article

    One way to get the word out about your book is to send press releases to local news media. Press releases need to be written in Associated Press style, which you can...
    Molly Blaisdell
    • Molly Blaisdell
  • Partnering with Your Publicist - podcast

    What is it like to have a publicist? Marika Flatt, owner of book publicity firm PR by the Book, describes what makes for a successful relationship between authors...
    Marika Flatt
    • Marika Flatt