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You’ve finished your book. It’s out there for all to see, and you are finally getting a few reviews back. For the most part they're positive. There may be a few cranky readers. But, what next? What can you do with those reviews once you've got them? Do you just sit back and pat yourself on the back or do you get out there and get productive? Get productive of course!

So how can you use that book review as part of a new PR campaign?

We've all seen how reviews are used on the covers of popular books and even on DVD's. They look a little like this: “A spectacular read!” or “One of the best stories in years!” There’s no limit to where you can use such quotes. You are, of course, free to use your reviews on your book cover in any form you choose. Such reviews give anyone who picks up the book or sees the cover online an opinion on the book’s contents from an outside source.
Following that same principle, use quotes from a couple of your best reviews as text on your promo fliers. Then place them around town to promote the book, a book signing or a library appearance.

How about posting reviews of your book on the epicenters of all things social and thereby blasting them out online?

First, post the best of them on your blog. They will add significantly to your credibility. Moreover, your blog will give these reviews a home on which they will be seen for years to come. Next, post a link to them on your Facebook page, along with a proud comment that your friends can “like.” Reply to your friends’ comments and spread the reviews through their networks as well. Finally, complete the rounds. Take to the 280-character giant and create a series of tweets that feature a mini-version of the review, a link to your blog posting and a link to your Facebook posting.

Finally, remember you're a writer. Head back to your keyboard and write a killer formal press release. This is what the pros do. A press release is a great way to get news of a good review out to the public. Plus, you can't beat how official the press release is perceived as. It’s an awesome way of getting free press.

So, if you’re good enough to get good reviews on something you’ve worked so hard to create, spread the word of those review every chance you get. You deserve it.

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  • Thank you Michael for the PR tips! I just started sending the word out on social media, did e-blasts and posted a book teaser video on YouTube about my business book. I'm hoping to reach as many business owners/entrepreneurs as possible to read>buy>adapt, practice, share (A.P.S) the IMPACT Business Life and finally get favorable REVIEWS -the FRUIT of my hardwork. :-) My links:
  • I would be looking forward to review. I can only hope that it would be positive, but just to have people take the time out of their busy day to read some of my material can be a rewarding experience for me.
  • Thanks for sharing these excellent and sensible tips!
  • Good points. I'd also add that you can sprinkle one really good + pithy review in the press release -