Tips for Fiction Authors on Leveraging Their Expertise to Gain Publicity

Nonfiction authors do have an advantage when trying to garner media attention because they've typically written about an area of expertise. This makes their pitch to the media a little more straightforward. But, fiction authors are experts too, says publicist Darice Fisher. You just have to dig deep into your book's themes and characters to discover the universal topics or backstory that will interest the media. If you have the right angle in your pitch and can show you're an expert, media outlets will want you to come and speak on the topic.

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  • I agree and note that I'm writing a fiction based on over 15 years as a mall cop (plus I'm pulling from several other decades of experience in community development, city planning, etc.). This also bolsters my confidence as a "mature" writer drawing from a lifetime of work and life experiences (and still managing to be "young at heart").