Three Tips to Help Authors Self-Promote Without Alienating Their Audience - video

Self-promotion is often perceived as a negative tactic in marketing. While over-promoting oneself can alienate your book audience or others in the industry, there are several promotional tools that can be very effective when trying to build awareness for yourself and your books. Media coach and author Faith McKinney advises authors to utilize these three things in their self-promotion: 1) Word of mouth; 2) Proper networking when attending events; 3) Support for industry initiatives.

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  • Great idea re being a sponsor, thank you

  • I found you suggestions helpful especially about sponsoring events. Since my book is a true story that pertains to my published federal appellate court's ruling related to racial employment discrimination a lot of individuals, it seem to me, are intimidated by the subject.  But nonetheless I telling the story because I believe I am the first black plaintiff who prove intentional racial employment discrimination in a federal court only to have a federal appellate court fabricate an untruth related to the federal district court judge to reverse and dismiss the district court judge's ruling in my case--maybe because the judge was black and to maintain the status quo--so the truth needs to be told.