Three Tips to Help Authors Self-Promote Without Alienating Their Audience - podcast

Self-promotion is often perceived as a negative tactic in marketing. While over-promoting oneself can alienate your book audience or others in the industry, there are several promotional tools that can be very effective when trying to build awareness for yourself and your books. Media coach and author Faith McKinney advises authors to utilize these three things in their self-promotion: 1) Word of mouth; 2) Proper networking when attending events; 3) Support for industry initiatives.

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    Research for my Book , That's Just How it Was - includes this excerpt ''claimed by Francis A. Boyle , Law Professor of the University of illinois at Urbana- Champaign ,'"Trevelyan and the British  Government pursued a race and ethic -based policy aimed at destroying the  group commonly known as the Irish people - and that the policy of mass starvation amounted 'to genocide as per the Hague convention of 1948'- approximately 100 years after the famine 

    - research that I done to give credence to the stories that I had heard as child from my grandmother -  includes an excerpt from - That's Just How It Was - 'Dennis Clark, a Irish American historian,claimed that the famine or the Great Hunger of [1884-1852  depending on which historical papers one reads] - was a culmination of of generations of neglect ;misrule and repression . Not least, that it was of epic proportions of English Colonial cruelty and inadequacy , for the landless cabin dwellers it meant emigration or extinction. Extension- meant starvation on a massive scale; while corn was being exported from Ireland . 

    How can this be called a famine when the island of Ireland was full of food.???? 

    These are just two excerpts from the book which  belies any other notion of a tragedy - it was genocide.


     Have tried Book Stoes , Chain Stores,, No acceptance 

  • Thank you.  This was helpful