Three Reasons Promotional Items Can Increase Your Book Sales - podcast

Marketing expert Brent Slinkard shares book promotion strategies using promotional items. He urges authors to think outside the box when crafting promotional items, reminding them that people keep such items only when they find them useful. But even so, Slinkard uses the example of Starbucks to indicate the power of branding. If you can build the right recognition, using promotional items can be a key pathway to marketing success.
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  • Look in the phone book and send them to ever body that your budget can afford.Make up flyers by a printer or insert in the newspaper,pass them out put them in laundry mats , parked cars ,even go door to door if that is what it takes to get the word out. Tip ! If your going door to door the holidays are the best ,Thanksgiving,Christmas,New Years day can get you a good deal of pocket change for the next bright idea you have to get that big sale ! You got tp put in the time to get them bucks ! """ NEVER GIVE UP """
  • Promotion is the key for book & author future. Thanks for some added advice ! I,put ads on a whole lot of places to promote myself. I,might add "JUST NEVER GIVE UP " ! I,have researched the internet & ask publishers if any body has done a book like mind being published as I, type this comet . The title of my new book is [ Transitional Photographs of One Blue Bird Square,Olean,N.Y. ] It has 794 Photographs that tell a story in sequence of a commercial building built from a bare grass,ey lot to a fully erected building to the,Grand Opening & landscaping completed with captions ,that can be read for a better understanding of the structure being erected . A three year old to infinity could understand the images in sequence to tell this story. No release date yet, but soon ! """ Watch for it, if your interested """
  • Thank you Brent some really valuable suggestions warm wishes.
  • Thanks a lot. I have bookmarks, business cards, posters and postcards. Who should I send the postcards to
  • Thanks Brent. I wish I'd heard a little about the effectiveness of BookStubs as promotional products. Do they work as well as cups, t-shirts and pens? Maybe next time. Perry