Using Social Media to Build a Readership

Social media is a big world, full of rules and backdoors and it can appear complicated and overwhelming. But engaging with your audience online doesn’t have to be intimidating and it can even become fun! The secret is to start small and do little things every day. In the clip below, a series of industry experts such as publicists and published authors share their experiences and give authors advice on where to start. Among other things, these experts will help you:

Learn how to choose your social media platform. With so many to choose from it’s hard to know whether to join Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, or others. You can learn more about specific platforms here on the ALC site.

Learn how to research a platform. Not all platforms are the same. Each platform has its own rules and way of doing things. While asking friends for help is great, there are other ways to meet your community online and learn how to engage on each platform.

Learn what to post. In the end, this is the difficult part of being on social media. You need to choose what to promote, what to say about your personal life, and what to discuss with your readers. Not all audiences engage on social media in the same way. Where do you go to learn about your specific audience?

All this and more in the clip below!

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