Using Goals and Branding to Create Effective Social Media Content

If you've published a book or are getting ready to publish a book, it's important to have an online presence with an author website or blog and an active social media strategy. To be effective on social media and engage with readers, author Angela Marie Hutchinson recommends developing some short term goals to aim for to keep yourself consistent and motivated. This might included reaching a certain number of followers after six weeks, or posting a certain number of times each week.

As a former social media professor, she also recommends creating a memorable brand for yourself to appeal to potential readers and keep them coming back to see what you're going to post next. This includes a branding guide with colors, fonts, and a logo so that you have an identity.

In addition, Hutchinson cautions authors to avoid tackling more than one or two platforms. And, if social media isn't your thing, you need to find another marketing channel for reaching readers.

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