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  • Twitter Basics and Best Practices: Beginner Level

    Twitter can be the best, most fun waste of time you can ever have. For authors, it can be one of the GREATEST tools you'll ever use for promoting your books and speaking...
    Erik Deckers
    • Erik Deckers
  • Creating Communities on Twitter - article

    When you’re ready to build up your Twitter community, the better you plan, the better the results. Follow these quick tips, tactics, and applications, and you’ll find...
    Zac Workman
    • Zac Workman
  • Social Media: More About Twitter - article

    In today’s society it’s common knowledge that Twitter is an enormously successful social medium. Honing one’s ability to function on that platform is becoming increasingly...
    Michael Esser
    • Michael Esser
  • Are you practicing Safe Tweeting? - article

    If you are one of the nearly 200 million people who already use or are thinking of using twitter, then you have probably already heard of many twitter debacles. However...
    Author Learning Center
    • Author Learning Center
  • Tweet Spot: Promoting Yourself 280 Character at a Time - article

    So you’re looking to engage in the popular world of social media, but need some ideas on how to do so effectively? The social interface known as Twitter offers an opportunity...
    Michael Esser
    • Michael Esser