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In today’s society it’s common knowledge that Twitter is an enormously successful social medium. Honing one’s ability to function on that platform is becoming increasingly important, as its use expands. For an author, the ability to use tweets to increase the number of your readers and the quantity of book sales makes great business sense.

While you are becoming familiar with the fast-paced world of tweeting, certain obvious questions arise. One of the most-asked questions is how to increase your “following.”

The initial answer is for you to follow more people. Every day you should make searches, using keywords that pertain to you as an author or to fields addressed in the works you write. Then, “follow” those users found by your searches. They are potential readers. They are individuals that have shown, through their Twitter profiles, that they are interested in the subjects you searched. Those whom you’ve followed will probably, in turn, check you out. When they see you're an author of a genre they like, they will choose to follow you. It's sort of an unspoken rule on Twitter for followers to reciprocate interest in each other.

After only a short period of such reciprocal “following,” the number of your followers should grow. Then, if you run an online contest, the number of your followers should “go viral.”

Okay, so you've got your follower counts building up, but now the question is how to market to those followers.

In the realm we call Twitter, the limit of a marketing message is 280 characters. This limit is actually a good thing, because nobody is reading long-winded sales pitches anymore. In any event, your tweets should never read like sale pitches, otherwise they'll just be ignored as spam. Instead, you need to use the best copy-writing skills you have, to grab the attention of those receiving your tweets. You need something like the cover of a magazine or Readers Digest. Catchy tweets that link to content on your website or blog, along with giveaway contests, get the best results.

In addition, you shouldn't focus all of your tweeting within a small block of time. With the ever-rolling out of tweet feeds, your messages can soon be lost. Instead, you should go online and tweet every morning and every night. If time allots, pop in midday. Such regular visits to Twitter will ensure you are seen by more followers, regardless of their schedules for visiting Twitter.

Aside from contests and catchy copy with links to your website or blog, it’s also a good idea to come up with some “top ten” lists. Tweet them out one list at a time.

One last tip on what should write in your tweets on a regular basis, is to add a personal touch. Tell your recipients how you’re feeling about your writing, your next project, your last project, or what you felt about a restaurant, or even, simply how your day has gone. No matter what you choose to share, a personal note will add to your mix and give your tweets a human element.

Happy tweeting.

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  • I thank you for the article but like the comment from Ira below;  I needs something to explain how I tweet.   I have two websites with links to both Facebook and Twitter.  I have tried to connect with 'Twitter' but it seems to be a more round and round option than facebook.  I am not an on-line consistent traveller but KNOW in our world today the resources must be utilised.    Please could I have advice. I have two website and a blogging site.   I have endeavoured to be 'out there" as much as possible.  I love the blogging because I can interact and comment on other comments with my life style.   My books however I do not promote with the blogging or very rarely if a need arises.  For anyone's interest the website Golden Rains explains better than I can my life as a Senior person and what I would like to promote.  You help or comments appreciated        Blogging site     Sorry to be a nuisance but I write because I write and now am too old to put out the effort to become famous.   I will just reach the world hopefully with a more positive spin on a lot of what is considered life benefitting.  Cheers 

  • Does not tell this non-nerd how to tweet. That is what I want to know.
  • The information was good, but there is facebook...Twitter and My Space.......way too many, For me facebook is just fine!!
  • I am almost as blind. My book came out in October. One thing that I've learned is that bookstores need to be able to order through Ingrams in order to stock the book and schedule me for a signing. The Ingrams returnability and 40% discount were the most important marketing pieces for making my book available on the shelves in bookstores. I am researching social media now.