The Power of Positivity in Publishing - video

Bill Gladstone, agent at Waterside Productions, offers motivation for aspiring authors. He shares his perspective on how positive thoughts and pure motivations can bring goodness into your life, including your publishing efforts. The Law of Attraction states that positive energy attracts positive energy. In his own life and as an agent, Gladstone keeps this law in mind and enjoys helping others. He especially loves helping aspiring authors get published. Authors can also help others by making a contribution through their books—whether that is by entertaining, enlightening, or teaching.
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  • How inspiring! 

    Thank you Bill.

  • Thank you that was great

  • Take time to watch this video :) 

  • Thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement. I needed that today!

  • I Value your Message Mr. Gladstone! I needed a boost of that positive energy you just brought. I have been bogged down with responsibilities as a Wife, Mother, Student, and Author (Hopefully, by my Launch Date). I've realized in Writing from the heart my upcoming book, "Roots & Wings" will be for Every and Any Person who desires a longing to remember their Heritage, while soaring on "Wings as Eagles". It is the Transition from Family to Lifestyle (Everyday Living). I believe the core of an individual is his/her culture/upbringing/family history and we transition into our own over time! I am very Honored to Dedicate this book to my Grandparents, Parents, and Pastors/Great Leaders. Please share more of your personal insights! God Bless You Bill Gladstone!