The Power of Positivity in Publishing - video

Bill Gladstone, agent at Waterside Productions, offers motivation for aspiring authors. He shares his perspective on how positive thoughts and pure motivations can bring goodness into your life, including your publishing efforts. The Law of Attraction states that positive energy attracts positive energy. In his own life and as an agent, Gladstone keeps this law in mind and enjoys helping others. He especially loves helping aspiring authors get published. Authors can also help others by making a contribution through their books—whether that is by entertaining, enlightening, or teaching.
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  • Thank you Mr.Gladstone I hope my book entertains and inspires all who read it.You gave me positive motivaton to carry on.
  • bill thanks for your insight, i,m writing a true murder story, that i witnessed and caught the murder in the act,it is a very compelling story. i was only a victim of his sexuai abuse as a adolescent, in the book i describe all the aspects of hiss rise from a sexual abuser the a serial killer. that all i can tell you right now but i,m currently looking for an agent. if you are interested contact me at thank you. sincerely john giarla
  • Thank you Bill Gladstone, you live up to your name! God called us to be living stones and to be good contributors of the talents we all have inside of us. Based on this principle, that i wrote my book for children' Dzifa the ti coloured lizard '. Now i have got my first copy how can i go further? . I am living in a wonderful island where the majority speaks french , asa french speaker myself now living in that island how can i found a publisher who will translatee the book in French ?
  • Bill Gladstone; Thank you for spreading goodwill and encouragement to bring our purpose out. You live up to your name! My non fiction has extreme situations in it; so your wisdom reminds me of what is most important.
  • I love, what appears to be your simple wisdom, but feel it is spiritually driven. I have come to terms with the idea of writing what is popular to only writing what I can put my heart in. Thank you for confirming my beliefs. Blessings. Reply to Marie L. Pfeifer