The Power of Positivity in Publishing - video

Bill Gladstone, agent at Waterside Productions, offers motivation for aspiring authors. He shares his perspective on how positive thoughts and pure motivations can bring goodness into your life, including your publishing efforts. The Law of Attraction states that positive energy attracts positive energy. In his own life and as an agent, Gladstone keeps this law in mind and enjoys helping others. He especially loves helping aspiring authors get published. Authors can also help others by making a contribution through their books—whether that is by entertaining, enlightening, or teaching.
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  • I love your important speach. I know that's the right approach in having a positive way in writing a book. Thanks for your advice. God bless.
  • Verry very important regarding, sharing and helping others. That's the best way to present a book when writing. Letting the reader achive some help from what you are saying. I am writing my books and that was my motivations in writing. Thanks very much for your information. You give me courage to go on.God bless.
  • Wonderful, It was great to hear a positive and altruistic advice. Thank you. Usually the advice we get is totally far from simplicity of intentions!
  • That's right! Best wishes Angeli!
  • That makes a lot of sense to share knowledge of learned benefits with others....We are not in this world alone...but doing works for our good....and the good of others... it important to be a good Stewart.