Self-Published Novel Picked up by Traditional Publisher - podcast

Self-publishing helped author P.J. Hoover sell both her book "Solstice" and "The Middle Grade Story" to a traditional publisher. She credits the publicity she initiated and the way she outlined these efforts for the publisher for facilitating the book deal.
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  • I'm new to this entire writing and publishing process. Since you published this book did you try contacting any agents or editors? How was your experience with this first book. I just recently published Bobby's Bully through as well, so just would like to know what the experience was like for you. I'll check out the book as well.
  • In all the research I have done I've never seen that agents want to receive anything other than a query, a mention of your other publications, and relevant work experience. Conventional wisdom is that if agents are interested in your work they are going to look you up on social media anyway.
  • Hi Saarah, Yes, if you have self-published, that will not exclude you from finding a traditional publisher if they are looking for a book like yours. Some have even had great success self-publishing first. Best wishes on your journey!
  • That sound interesting....Author P.J. Hoover...i to did a self publishing fiction book.... it was my first.... Preparing for my book signing party.... and looking forward to more adventures....not very great at editing....but willing to learn need thing that works for my good.... I am into a lot right new plate is full my platform is mounting....but eventually.... I want to write love stories....And become a romance novelist.... i want to do so....ever since i became an young adult experience a lot in my life time.... Thanks for you help.... and advice i will apply to my future ventures as an Author Angeli lowery.
  • Hi, I am sorry but I cannot hear very well, so it is very difficult for me to understand what you said. I have only one question: Is it OK for another publisher to take my book that I have published with Xlibris? Reply to Saarah D'Armill. Thank you.