Jack Bernstein on How Unique Story Angles and Characters Translate Well to Screen - podcast

For writer and producer Jack Bernstein, there is always an angle or new perspective to consider for any story. Known for the film Ace Ventura and for his work on popular TV shows such as Monk and NCIS: New Orleans, Bernstein likes surprising audiences with a twist, whether that's with a unique plot or character. For example, with Ace Ventura he took a detective story, which has been done many times, and created a unique character and story line by making it about a pet detective. Being able to successfully explore and execute interesting characters and unique story angles for the screen does take practice. For Bernstein, writing is like a muscle - you need training and consistency to continue making improvements to your craft. There are those rare writers who start out very skilled, but he advises not to compare yourself to these writers and their successes. For most writers, he says, it takes years to find your voice as a writer and build your skills.

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