Co-Authors “A.J. Low” on Researching and Plotting the Sherlock Sam Book Series

Felicia Low-Jimenez and Adan Jimenez (A.J. Low), co-authors of the Singaporean middle-grade book series Sherlock Sam, both grew up reading a lot of mystery books such as Nancy Drew and The Famous 5. When they were presented with an opportunity to write a children's mystery series for Singaporean publisher Epigram Books, they jumped at the chance. After pitching their ideas they were signed to a multi-book deal and have now completed thirteen books together in the award-winning series. The stories follow Samuel Tan Cher Lock, Singapore's greatest kid detective who has a love for food and solving mysteries. Much of the research for the books involves exploring Singapore's culture and food to provide inspiration and ideas for the stories. Felicia and Adan also love to integrate jokes into the stories, often using the sidekick robot, Watson, as comic relief.

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