How an Opening Hook Draws a Reader Into Your Story

What’s the best way to keep a reader turning the pages of your book, especially that first page? With shortening attention spans and media tailored to create flashy, attention-grabbing visuals, it’s more important than ever to create an engaging story from the start. Howard V. Hendrix, award-winning science fiction author and English professor, explains how to capture your reader’s interest by writing an interesting hook. When he first began writing, he thought the term “hook” was an unnecessary, mechanical part of writing. But, as he learned more about the craft of writing, he came to believe in the importance of creating an inciting action. When he writes a story he asks, “How do we get this thing launched?” Not only does that get the reader interested in the story, it also sets the tone for the rest of the manuscript. The reader is compelled to ask, “What happens next?” which keeps them engaged. Watch the clip below to learn more about writing an interesting opening for your story.

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