Chick Lit - article

The term chick lit describes a kind of book that was generating a lot of buzz about five to ten years ago. The Nanny Diaries are a good example. It’s a genre that focused on women in their twenties. The topics addressed were light—the kind of thing that’s appropriate for summer beach reading—and the protagonist was a young woman. Often she was trying to find her first relationship or was about to have her first job. Lately what’s come into fashion is women’s literature, which is much more robust and explores a wider range of topics. The characters tend to be a little bit older, and the books tend to have a bit more thematic depth and maturity. As a result, chick lit has become a little bit harder to sell unless it finds ways to explore some of the issues that you might now find in women’s literature. But having said that, trends come and go. While chick lit isn’t particularly strong right now, it could come back any time.

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