Finding Inspiration for the Book 'City of Ravens' - podcast

Boria Sax discusses the inspiration for his book "City of Ravens." It’s an interesting look at using folklore in writing and what can be the source for a great book. The idea for Sax's book began when he was a tourist visiting the Tower of London. There, he heard an intriguing story about the ravens. As a folklorist, he was driven to look into the story and learned that everything he was told about the ravens was inaccurate. Sax says that in uncovering the truth, it doesn't negate the story, but adds even more layers of history and myth. It also shows how facts become embedded in a legend.
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  • Writing on inspirational writing is very interesting. And can help to inspired other. I love mr.Sox writing speach. Very good. And thanks. You give me strength to go on writing.